Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Return of Conservative Philosophy

Wolfowitz and the World Bank

My question, in light of Bush's resistance to cooperate with the European powers in terms of global politics and economics, is when will the EU take a hard-line stance with the U.S.? The members of the World Bank could refuse to accept Wolfowitz's nomination and curry some favor with the anti-World Bank groups, however small that might be. Still, I'm not concerned with Bush's administration hailing a new age of fascism. That is, until they start talking about 'transvaluation' or a cultural revolution. More to the point, while the majority of Americans are on the right side of moderate, they are not necessarily as rabidly rightist as most Republican commentators would have you believe. The radical conservatives can only take this so far before the people get nervous.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Planet Heist

Adam Strange

Another comic that takes aim at the whole 'decompression' style of writing. It's pure candy with visuals incredibly well done on both the part of the artist and the colorist and inker. I'm just waiting for Diggle's "The Losers" to be optioned for a movie.