Thursday, August 14, 2008

Movin' Nicely

The dining room is full of boxes and odd and ends. It's starting to spread to the living room with boxes of books and comics to sell. I should take pictures, but I'd rather wait until serious parts of the bedrooms start coming apart. The move-in date is less than a month away. Still trying to scrounge up some labor hands to help; might have to actually pay money for that part. I'm not too keen on carrying nine short boxes of comics and two long boxes up three flights of stairs, let alone all the books Lindsy and I have between us. At least we're holding off on major furniture purchases until after we move in. And then there's the cats who have taken to playing in and around the boxes. It's like a huge playground with built-in napping boards.
Despite all of this, I'm still excited about moving. Sure it's only a couple of miles away from home, but we siblings have had the itch to get out of the house for quite some time now. It'll work, but it's fast becoming a marathon. Here's to the first stage of moving out.

Quote of Yesterday

Murkasey: Law-breaking is Not a Crime - Matt Yglesias

Quoth our dear Justice League Attorney General: “not every wrong, or even every violation of the law, is a crime.” Which, of course, reminds me of the old saying, "It's only a crime if you get caught." Christ, I can't wait until these jokers are out of office and can't hide behind their desks so much. This is predicated though on Sen. Obama winning the presidency; my gut still tells me yes, but we aren't voting today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Timewave Loops

Brick Director to Get Darker in New Sci-Fi Film Looper - Meredith Woerner @ i09

From the small teaser bit of the post I'm certainly interested in seeing what director Rian Johnson can do with a Philip K. Dick inspired story. But (and you knew there was a 'but' coming) too often a director gets all the credit for a movie when the production team, and most importantly the writers, tend to get pushed to the side. Brick was already a novel before it was a movie and it needed an adept hand to translate the story into a movie script. Hopefully Johnson will have a free hand as he did when he wrote the script for Brick. I know David Goyer isn't that familar of a name but he is responsible for the stories in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and even helped with the script for the former. A great movie requires not just a great director but a great scriptwriter as well. Both together can overcome the limitations of the acting, but even then you'll see actors rise to the occasion or the casting getting things right the first time around. Hence my expectations for Johnson's Looper are already set pretty high. I hope he can meet them.

The Newton Cops Are Coming For You

This Material Does Not Conform To The Laws Of Gravity - Annalee Newitz @ i09

This is just too full of awesome not to share. The medium is an oil laced with magnetic particles used to produce an ever-changing arrangement of sculptures that seem to toss gravity right out the window. The artist is Sachiko Kodama who adapted her love of physics into an art-form. It has a sort of TRON-like aspect to it with an easy comparison to Jeff Bridges' character's shape-shifting sidekick for part of the movie. Even so, I love the contrast between the thick, viscous nature of the oil and the sharp-edged element the magnets can create from it. This is the kind of art I would expect from the 21st century and I love it.