Monday, December 29, 2008

The Fake Famous Girlfriends

I do believe Karen O has been replaced as my fake rock-star girlfriend by the glorious Victoria Hesketh, more commonly known as Little Boots. I say this in a non-stalkerish way, sort of. She's adorable, a fantastic singer and an inventive lyricist and composer. Then of course, she has a blog where she says things like this:

"what a difference a year makes.

when i think back to sitting freezing writing songs that are now going to be on my first album its almost incomprehensible.

thank you to any one who has listened, written, watched, come to a gig, told a friend, taken a picture, shared a link, downloaded a song be it legally or otherwise... everyone who has supported me in any way whatsoever this year, i wouldn't be making music without you so thank you from the bottom of blackpool tower to the furthest stars in the cosmos....

ok i'll stop being epic now.

go and get pissed, eat quality street and fall asleep watching love actually.

happy christmas,

victoria x"

I don't have the time at the moment to post her two blog hits "Meddle" and "Stuck on Repeat" but go find them. Now I'm off to work when I'm not supposed to.