Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An Oversight

Congress Nudges an FCC on Hold - WaPo

See, this is why a little oversight is a good thing. Now, I might not necessarily approve of all the actions of the Democratic leadership in Congress but if they can get the federal agencies to act in the way they are supposed to act then I say more please.

The Article

Hostage Letter Written by Tehran - The Danger Room

What interests me here is the appearance of a tit-for-tat kind of action on the part of the Iranians for U.S. actions against Iranian agents in Iraq. I don't have a problem with the U.S. acting against Iranian agents in Iraq since their presence there indicates something marginally underhanded at the very least. But this kind of call-and-response is troubling. I sincerely doubt that the U.S. would act militarily against Iran in the next two years but one never knows sometimes. Still, the hostage crisis is worrisome.


Stormy Seas for Stealth Destroyer - The Danger Room

While the ship looks damn cool it sounds like a terrible design, particularly if the Navy is going to fill part of its fleet with this kind of ship. It seems that the design is prone to flooding and capsizing. A ship of this design might work well in coastal operations but even there I imagine there is some serious concern. I just wish the Navy would spend a little less money on these 'advanced' designs and concentrate on building ships that will have a role in the 21st century.


"Knight Rider" Ride Up for Sale - CBS News

It's a little disappointing that KITT isn't street legal. Then again, most of these TV cars aren't the most comfortable rides.