Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paper Sounds

Interactive Paper Sounds Exciting - New Scientist

I highly approve of this development. Imagine a newspaper made of this material that announced instant updates. Of course, what this might lead to is a cacophonous noise on the subway, beyond the old woman proclaiming the power of Christ and her need for a few bucks.

Goodbye Kitty

Hello Kitty in NEC's lap - L'Inq

'A' for effort and all that. Still, NEC needs, you know, actual women on their marketing staff or else they're not going to get anywhere. This kind of marketing isn't all that productive if you want to entice the twenty-something female into spending her 'less-than-a-man's-wage' on their products.

A Novel Ecstacy

Historical Edition - Bookporn

Oh god, I love this far too much for my own good. Why can't we have more people like this in the world?


An iPhone Waiter - Ars Technica

This I find amazingly cool in a strange sort of way. I mean really, waiting in line for an iPhone? Yes, I know it will become the coolest phone on the face of the planet when it's released. And yes, I'd like one too. But unlike the Wii or the Playstation 3, you only have some many things you can do with a phone. A music player? A photo viewer? Mobile net and e-mail access? Yes these are great items but I'm not sure that I'd want to wait in line for something like this. I'm an early adopter but the effort one has to put into being on the bleeding edge of tech ownership is too much for me. For an item that is supposed to make my life easier I don't think expending a great deal of energy to acquire said item really makes all that much sense.

An iPhone Waiter - Ars Technica

This I find amazingly cool in a strange sort of way. I mean really, waiting in line for an i

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weird Converter

Weird Converter

I think my mind just broke a little.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Stealth Cats and their Calls

Mobile Phones Attract Leopards - L'Inq

Oh god, I just had the best image of some rich white girl answering her phone in a store and then getting ambushed by giant cats. I'm going to laugh about that for a few days now.

Lindy Hop

Blame It On the Boogie - Andrew Sullivan
Lindy Hop - Wikipedia

I didn't know about Lindy Hop until the name-drop in one of Sullivan's posts (hence the wiki link). What I find amusing is that one of the more well-known lindy hop groups was in A Day at the Races, which is one of my favorite Marx Brothers movies ("No, you sap!"). I remember reading about Latin American dance and music styles and their deep connection to Africa through the slave trade. Tango and salsa are two kinds of dances that are intimately tied to Africa through the meeting of slaves late at night and during festivals to dance their old god dances. This is the kind of 'real' dance and music that interests me so much. While I love my polished and produced music, there's something about the rawness of this kind of music that you can't find anywhere else.

Particle Man

Why the Rumored Discovery of the Higgs Boson is Bad News for Particle Physics - Slate

I like the fact that scientists hope the $8 billion the EU is spending on the Large Hadron Collider doesn't produce any results. While the thought of the failure of the LHC resulting in a new particle accelerator the size of the solar system fills me with sci-fi glee, I do hope the LHC does find something. Whether it actually fills in the final element of the standard model is not my concern. Strangely, I actually find myself partially siding with the scientists who say that they hope the LHC finds something new or different. Breaking old theories is rather exciting because it means the start of something completely new. The shift in consciousness that such a break in theory would produce is incredibly enticing.