Saturday, November 17, 2007


So I've been watching Heroes, catching up and all, and I keep catching little bits and pieces of other writers' work throughout the series. Aside from the elements of Warren Ellis' work, I also see a lot of Grant Morrison's work and ethos when he wrote New X-Men. One thing he wrote when he was first handed the assignment was how he wanted to create a series about "beautiful people with incredible powers doing startling, diverting things!" Which is exactly what Heroes is doing. Moreover, Morrison used the idea that the transition from one species to the next is generally quick and violent as the newer, stronger species eliminates the slower, weaker species.
While the characters in Heroes are not like the X-Men, not even the leather-clothed, day-glow neon jacketed versions, they are like the type of characters with special powers who don't know what do with them or how they can use them to help. The elements that Ellis use in series like Planetary or Newuniversal are about those people who are special and how they deal with their abilities. The most interesting aspect is how certain characters develop powers that are essentially new senses. Micha can talk to technology, must like the character The Drummer in Planetary while Syler can intuitively figure out how things work.
Personally I think DNA evolution will take this path to new senses. Reading information like we see, hear and taste things. This is the kind of evolution that makes sense considering the environmental pressures on the human species at the present moment. Of course, this is the sort of thing I love.

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