Sunday, November 25, 2007

Probably Something Amazing...

Vrubel's Enigmatic Art Nouveau - Zoetica, Coilhouse

There's something dreamlike to the art of Mikhail Vrubel, an obscure Russian artist uncovered by Zoetica at Coilhouse. His paintings have a quality of Monet or Van Gogh yet the subject matter is that of mythic tales and fables. The painting of Pan seen here is closer to a ghostly Greek fable than the art of someone like Mucha or Klimt. The figures look weakened by something, as if caught in a moment of exhaustion. It's a strange sort of emotion provoked by Vrubel's work.
Each character has a fateful appearance and is posed in an anticipatory action. The movement occurs around them, but they themselves are caught in that movement. Destiny is a central theme it seems. I hope those like Zoetica are able to post more about artists such as Vrubel; those artists who fell between the great and popular. Their art had an influence on their respective movements, even if our minds remain unaware of it.

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