Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Right to Wait for a Ballot

I was subtly denied my vote today after getting off work. Went to my normal polling station and was immediately told that the stations was out of ballots and more were on the way, but the original call was made more than half an hour ago. Went I live in nearly walking distance of City Hall, I find this sort of cock-up appalling. I live in a precinct that actively votes and votes Democratic. The proposal that was bringing people to the station was one that riled liberal interests and made traditional businessmen (re: conservative) jump with glee. So to find that near the end of the day, after most people left work and (like me) wanted to go vote, that we could not exercise our constitutional right due to a lack of paper in a high voting, liberal precinct, I became more than a little suspicious. I don't like it, particularly after pestering my friends to go vote themselves. There's something to be done here and some of you will have to help me.

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