Monday, January 28, 2008

Quote of the Day

Via Ezra Klein's grandmother: "it's your generation's turn. We've screwed everything up. Now you get a chance."

This was part of her reasoning for voting for Sen. Obama. He goes on to describe how President Clinton's blundering actions and Caroline Kennedy's endorsement convinced his grandmother that Sen. Obama was worth giving a chance. Klein also notes how Caroline Kennedy's endorsement has had an effect on his mother as well, leaving me to wonder what effect said Kennedy's endorsement will have on middle-aged women in America. Being so young and never really taken by the Kennedy mythos I have a hard time understanding the value of such an endorsement. The Kennedy's have been just another political family for me but it appears that Caroline's endorsement matters a lot more than I would have expected. That Sen. Kennedy is endorsing Sen. Obama holds more value in my mind, but again, I was never caught up in the love of the Kennedys.

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