Thursday, February 21, 2008

Austin Debate, pt. 6,973

So the quick consensus is that the debate wasn't a knock-out for either candidate but that Sen. Obama still won since he made no major blunders. For some reason though, the common wisdom is that the defining moment of the night was Sen. Clinton's closing remarks, in which she nearly verged on tears. Some say she was showing genuine emotion while others say that she recognizes the position she is in and will place party over her own ambitions to concede the race to Sen. Obama. Somehow I don't think that's the moment most people will remember. I think her stupid science lab experiment of a line about Xeroxed speeches will resonate more. I believe Sen. Clinton was soundly beaten and showed it in several different ways. The first was that idiotic poll-tested line and then her ignoring the question of a Latino so she could continue talking about health-care and ending with her overly sentimental closing statement. She didn't look presidential nor did she act like one. Sen. Obama didn't knock her out, she did it to herself, and if the CW is right, Sen. Clinton knows that she will remain a Senator.

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