Sunday, February 10, 2008

Everything is a Story

Which Book Should Neil Gaiman Put Online for Free? - Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing
The Birthday Thing - Neil Gaiman

I love ideas like this, particularly when they come from excellent authors. Neil Gaiman (of The Sandman fame if you didn't know, you heathen) has gotten permission to put one of his novels online in its entirety. My preference is for American Gods but that might come off as a little too intense for some so I'm voting for Neverwhere, one of his early novels with all of the elements of a typical Gaiman story but nothing too overwhelming. If you haven't read anything by Gaiman yet then that's an excellent place to start. With American Gods one should really read The Sandman series first, but it's not an absolute necessity. Also, if you want a taste of Gaiman but are too lazy to read, then go rent Mirrormask. The movie was directed by Gaiman's friend and incredible artist Dave McKean and Gaiman provided the script. It has a kid's movie feel to it but enough adult themes and intelligence that you won't feel insulted by it. Besides, it's a great movie anyway.

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