Sunday, March 23, 2008

Preview Review

The Whip @ MySpace

The Whip has garnered some weird sort of acclaim, enough so that they've caught my attention. I've listened to a few tracks, tried to get a grasp of their sound. It's electro-rock, for sure, but whether it actually does anything different or new that the ever-growing number of electro-rock acts I don't think so. Part of the point of electro-rock is to craft music that you can play on the dance floor and while the Whip succeed to a degree, honestly I find it kind of boring. Much in the same way that bands began popping up with a garage sound during the early part of the decade the Whip seem to think that playing it by the book will get them a record deal and a few years of touring, which it probably will. But it's still a dilution of the genre and a sign that perhaps the electro-rock scene is approaching its peak, if it hasn't already. In other words, bands like the Whip make me sad because they announce the consumerization of a sound versus the creating and stretching of a new one.

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