Monday, March 03, 2008

Project Hyperreal

I've started a mod project on my 2004 Audi A4. The warranty is long gone so I figure why the hell not? I want to maintain this car as well as I can so adding a few things here and there only makes sense. I'm not looking to turn this car into a racer, although it will eventually take on most other high power cars out there. But for the moment, I've changed the brakes with a full set of Hawk performance pads (the car needed it anyway). The spark plugs are Denso Iridium plugs and I slipped a new H&N air filter that supposedly add a couple of horses to the engine. But my concern was more with idling and the reliability of the engine than with added horsepower.
The next few changes include a short shifter for comfort in driving, a new crankshaft pulley to take some of the load off the engine and new polyurethane engine mounts for added stability in the engine. I need to change the timing belt since the time for that is coming up and I'd like to add some slotted brake discs for greater stopping power. Also, a Carbino air intake is in the future, but at the moment, I'm looking to fix what needs fixing and add some small (re: cheap) improvements. I'll update with pictures as I go along.

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