Saturday, April 19, 2008

Down the Garden Path

Clinton Blames MoveOn for Caucus Losses - The Trail @ Washington Post

The article and the ensuing comment board fight is another in a series of fine ways the Washington Post cannot seem to control the vitrol of the anti-Obama crowd. First off, either make an item like Sen. Clinton's accusation that MoveOn has intimidated voters a real article or find something else to write about. Second, these boards need moderators; serious moderators who actively read the posts and are swift about removing offending post or reprimanding those who continue to essentially shout at people. If those of the anti-Obama crowd want to continue with their lies, insinuations and general lack of logic then they can do it elsewhere. I would like to go to the Post's site and not feel like I'm in some backwater message board flame war. Being a regular reader of comic blog Newsarama's message boards I've seen some good flame wars. But the board is moderated and done so in a highly fair way, removing posts that are either "have you stopped beating your wife" style post or ones that continue to revive points or 'facts' that have long been dismissed. It's not hard but if the Post is too lazy or cheap to hire a moderator then they shouldn't open the boards to the masses. It become a graffiti site and nothing more. This is the reason why I rarely read The Trail series since it's poor journalism mixed with even worse comment threads. I think after this one I'll just pass on anything else posted to The Trail.

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