Friday, June 27, 2008

...And All I Got Was A Headache

The Ever-Malleable Obama - Charles Krauthammer @ WaPo

There's nothing amazing about a hit piece on a Democrat by Krauthammer, particularly one running for president. Krauthammer is the sort that still believes war in Iraq somehow makes Israel safer. So for him to trot out the meme that Sen. Obama "threw his grandmother under the bus" as the saying goes is nothing new. Nor is Krauthammer's argument that Sen. Obama is a politician and politicians are amiable to change positions when it benefits them. Personally, I don't like Sen. Obama's shift on the FISA bill either, but for different reasons. I do think it's dishonest of Krauthammer to point a finger at Sen. Obama when he himself supports such actions in the first place. No, instead of praising Sen. Obama for seeing the light on retroactive telecom immunity, he attacks the senator for changing his position.
This is what Krauthammer does; he attacks Democrats (except Joe Lieberman) for not being Republicans and accepting the righteousness of the neo-conservative way. Rational? Not on your life. But it's a dogmatic reaction to anything that might give a Democrat some sort of praise. And it makes even less sense if Krauthammer doesn't want Sen. Obama elected. Praising the senator is more damning to Sen. Obama's image than damning Sen. Obama, which will bring further praise from the left. It's not an argument meant to convince anyone. It's not even an article meant to please the neo-con right. They have Bill Kristol for that. It is a phoned-in article, written with no effort and no thought. Like I said before, dogma provided the answer--a shortsighted one at that--and doesn't actually do anything. It's a waste of words and I think Krauthammer owes me an apology for taking up my time with such trite bullshit.