Monday, June 09, 2008

DIY Fuck-Ups: Lessons Learn Edition

So I decided, while cleaning as much grime as I could out of my engine bay this past Sunday, to install the new intake manifold gasket purchased over a month ago. I had yet to do it since I wasn't quite sure how. Well, 14 hours of work later and I now know why I was right in my hesitation. But I found out a great deal about a 1.8l turbocharged VW/Audi engine. I also found out a great deal about proper preparation. So the two days, today and yesterday, that I thought I had to make some noise on the Interwibble were instead devoted to shredding my hands, injuring my body in new and unusual ways, and generally just fucking up until I fucked up in just the right way. So I'm ready to take the whole damn thing apart and see if I can put it back together again.