Monday, August 25, 2008

Gun, Meet Foot

McCain Would Consider Reinstating The Draft - Colby @ Truemors

Now considering Sen. McCain's past of saying one thing in public only to have his handlers tell the press something completely different, I'm not going to lose any sleep over these statements. Until reinstating the draft becomes written policy for McCain's campaign then it's just words. However, if Sen. McCain were to make the draft part of his platform then he better make sure his GOTV efforts for the elderly are running superbly. That's because nearly ever person under thirty is going to vote for Sen. Obama. Even making passing comments about reinstating the draft for a war that the public has seriously soured on is like taking close aim at your foot with a very large gun. Moreover, during the week of the Democratic convention, you don't make stupid statements like this. Sen. McCain should know better that the Democrats will easily make his comments part of their campaigns and speeches this week.