Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Hits

A quick run-down of recent campaign items that I don't have time to expand on:
1) McCain is burning through what little money he has for the general election on campaign ads in swing states: note that I didn't say he was building a ground game for those states, just running ads.
2) Obama comes back from vacation swinging attacking McCain for false accusations of patriotism.
3) McCain's "cross in the sand" ad is attracting way too much attention from the blogosphere to stand up for much longer.
4) For all of McCain's bluster of the past month, the national polls only show a marginal change with Obama still beating McCain in many important states.
5) McCain has started talking up a new cold war with Russia after the Georgian invasion and the Russian overreaction. Lovely. When is Obama going to stand up and say this is exactly the reason why we need strong international institutions?

That's all for now. My work on counter-culture continues.