Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Timewave Loops

Brick Director to Get Darker in New Sci-Fi Film Looper - Meredith Woerner @ i09

From the small teaser bit of the post I'm certainly interested in seeing what director Rian Johnson can do with a Philip K. Dick inspired story. But (and you knew there was a 'but' coming) too often a director gets all the credit for a movie when the production team, and most importantly the writers, tend to get pushed to the side. Brick was already a novel before it was a movie and it needed an adept hand to translate the story into a movie script. Hopefully Johnson will have a free hand as he did when he wrote the script for Brick. I know David Goyer isn't that familar of a name but he is responsible for the stories in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and even helped with the script for the former. A great movie requires not just a great director but a great scriptwriter as well. Both together can overcome the limitations of the acting, but even then you'll see actors rise to the occasion or the casting getting things right the first time around. Hence my expectations for Johnson's Looper are already set pretty high. I hope he can meet them.