Sunday, September 07, 2008

Desperate Ads

I'll provide the link but I won't post the video that was played at the Republican National Convention this year. I'm not surprised that the current incarnation of the GOP would stoop so low. That doesn't make it acceptable though. The 9/11 video aired was another clear element of the politics of fear many Republicans currently practice. I don't like it. 9/11 was a terrible even for every American, not just the Republicans. And fighting against terrorism is a fight every American is invested in. The only thing I can conclude from the usage of 9/11 video in a campaign ad is the desperation on the part of the campaign airing it. It may be that I eventually decide to not vote for Sen. Obama but I do know that I can never bring myself to vote for Sen. McCain now. His campaign crossed a line with me that they can't call a mulligan on.