Monday, September 29, 2008

Rolling on the Ropes

Really, Ezra Klein has to stop doing this. I mean, honestly, who told him that he could make good, intelligent points? It's not just that Klein exposes the perception gap between the tv pundit class and the general public. It that Klein notes how that gap occurred with this past Friday's debate: Sen. McCain played to the pundits while Sen. Obama played to the electorate. In an age when most people are told to regard the media with suspicion why would Sen. McCain focus his attention on winning over the media? This is an election by (mostly) popular vote. If Sen. McCain can't win over the public then he has a problem. Moreover, if Sen. Obama continues to show cool determination while facing his opponent and keeping his focus on the public then how can Sen. McCain keep his campaign floating? At this late date Sen. Obama is still able to sway undecided or potential switch voters. That's not a good sign for Sen. McCain.