Monday, November 19, 2007

A Weekend in the City

Lee Harvey's
Darkside Lounge
Lollipop Shoppe
Lizard Lounge

Eventful weekends typically aren't the planned for sort of thing. You might have in mind a few places you'd like to visit during the night, but it's difficult in the Dallas scene to know what precisely to expect, which is a bit of the fun (even if there's the occasional night where everything turns into a bust). First, house party, friend of a friend and that sort of thing. Nicely done but quiet and far too tame. Even so, it was a fine way to work oneself into the evening. Some light chatter and a beer to ease yourself to the next thing, which became a cop-infested set of the Happy Bullets, who were allowed to rock their particular style of poppy Irish-inflected music.
This is where the 'until' comes into play. Apparently some soon to be without a working car or front door asshole decided things were too loud and had the fuzz bring down the Bullets' fuzz. Lameness ensues for a few moments until decisions are made, plans developed and cars started. The Darkside Lounge, not one of my favorite places but worth going into once in a while, had what appeared to be a semi-punk, semi-hardcore show going on. While on my way in I had to quickly duck out of the way of a slew of bouncers with some poor but deserving soul leading the way, hanging from his jacket and fading dignity. Cheap beer was bought, so was a burning shot of Jameson's, and after a few songs and questions I come to find that one other person had already made his bouncer-driven launch from the bar. Things like that only raise the quality of the bar in my opinion.
However, boredom settled in quickly and we made a mad dash for the Lollipop Shoppe to witness the dance stylings of modern mods and freshly-pressed go-go girls. Some pictures were taken (naturally not by my camera since I only received the new repaired item today from a burly UPS fellow). Go take a gander at fotophonic if you'd like to see what images made it through the night.
Despite the burgeoning fun at Sloppyworld, my wild hare of a idea to go to the Fetish Ball at the Lizard Lounge took hold among my companions. Can't say why, but we scurried over and took in the lovely leathery sights for some time. After my friends made a quick exist for the door I meandered a while longer, suffering at the hands of a dominatrix for a few minutes (the flogging way fine, the choking I could have done without). After that, mind, body and soul declared me done for the night and ordered a long walk to the car.
Long night--fun, adventurous, a little dangerous but entirely worth what little cash I had left. The holidays always seem to bring out the better events. Something about the Dallas cold that gets people all frisky and active. Next year, no fetish, unless in private. But more of the Lollipop Shoppe and the Happy Bullets please. They satisfy that space between my stomach and diaphragm.

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