Thursday, November 22, 2007

What About Spam

Email is NOT Dead - Publishing 2.0

I have to agree with Scoot Karp here that email is certainly not dead. Instead, email has simply become like the telephone of old; something that has become so ingrained in our everyday life that we no longer notice is prevalence. But I email every day, along with using other services like Blogger and Twitter and text messaging. These are all form of communication that serve different purposes. But email is a one-to-one or one-to-few communication that allows for less time sensitive reading and response. It allows for a greater amount of information to pass that texting and twittering do not and it's not meant for mass consumption like a blog is.
Email also allows for image and audio communication in ways that YouTube or Flickr do not. Links to those sites are easily added but for a lot of people that kind of embedding doesn't occur to the or, for the business world, not allowed. Email is still the most viable form of communication in most ways since email allows for more verbose messages while not needing an instant response or a modified language for faster communication. So I sincerely doubt we will see the fall of email any time soon. There's no real replacement for it and it is still one of the standard-bearers of what the Internet means.

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