Monday, January 14, 2008

"But It'll Take a Black One to Move Me"

Wow, it seems things are beginning to heat up for the Clinton campaign's tactics of race-baiting the Obama campaign. Ezra Klein has two posts up on the racially-charged comments of the Clinton campaign in general and Robert Johnson in particular. I think it's only a matter of time before the Obama campaign has to respond but the question is how can Sen. Obama respond without turning into the 'angry black man' the Clinton campaign so wants him to become in the eyes of the public. But again, I think this is a tactic that will only work for so long before it becomes a noose around Sen. Clinton's neck. If Sen. Obama were to call her out on the race-baiting in a debate all the blustering and 'I don't know what you're talking about' lines in the world will fall very flat.
The best tactic that I can think of for Sen. Obama to respond with is an appearance on Oprah to talk about his past drug use and struggles as a black American who wants to put his nationality first before his race. Put Sen. Obama's wife next to him and the Clinton campaign's tactics are pretty much done for.
What troubles me so much about the Clinton campaign is not the typical use of an opposing candidate's past as a weapon against them but how the campaign considers Sen. Obama not as an opponent but as an enemy to fight just as hard as an Republican candidate. And to use such race-baiting to do so is absolutely disgusting for a party that has counted on minority votes and based their principles on civil rights and equality. But, to quote Fry from Futurama "I'm shocked, shocked! Well, not that shocked."

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