Monday, January 14, 2008

Required Reading for a Dan Deacon Show: Updated

Dan Deacon @ MySpace
Dan Deacon Home Page
Dan Deacon @ Wikipedia

Things Not To Bring:
Clothing, sharp objects, any sense of personal space, cameras (unless you want to miss out on the fun by sitting on a monitor all night), soft shoes.

Things To Do:
Get acquainted to the people around you because you'll probably leave with a good deal of their sweat on you, drink heavily, hydrate heavily, stretch, when asked if you want to crowd surf politely say no and then point to the guy next to you and help get him up on the crowd, help keep everyone standing, try to touch the skull if you can, go through the tunnel, learn how to dance without being able to move.

Above all, go in knowing that whatever you are wearing will need a serious washing after the show.

Update: Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought the Dan Deacon show at Emo's this past weekend was utter insanity. I was on the other side of the amp for most of those pictures, trying to save myself and have a smoke at the same time, but no, I wasn't one of those posers standing on stage trying to make myself look fabulous. I was down with the masses, with the Deacon, replacing my blood with electricity.
Covert Curiosity

Update 2: Okay, Ultra8201 is cool in my book. Give him his due and visit his site.

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ultra8201 said...

For the record, I was in the trenches most the show and only got on stage to take the pics. Ha Ha.

Best show in MONTHS!!!

Oh and I added you in my links section.