Saturday, May 08, 2010

Music Of The Spheres

God it was good to see Centro-Matic last night. Yeah, they played a lot of newer stuff that I've never taken a liking to, but they also threw in some real gems. I've heard the achingly beautiful slow version of "Rock'n'Roll Eyes" but never the album version live. That was followed with "Part Of This Accident" then later "Infernoesque Grande" and "Flashes & Cables" in tandem. And the encore was pure 2000 Centro-Matic: "All The Lightning Rods", "Tied To The Trailer" complete with Matt Pence's madness on the drums and finally "Am I The Manager Or Am I Not?" Only the second time I've heard that song live, the first time was the closer for the best show I've seen by any band. I say that was the best show ever because The Greenhornes opened and it was the only show where the audience actually shushed people during the quiet parts. Didn't hurt that the band was throwin' electricity all over a great set-list on a cool June Sunday night.
Centro-Matic once was a consistent cathartic experience. They lost that for most of the decade but showed little sparks of that again last night. I left content. Also realized I need to see more shows.