Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Iowa Caucus

Iowa Democratic Party Caucus Results
The image and link are provided to you via Andrew Sullivan

I think Sen. Obama's victory in Iowa is an amazingly good thing in its own right, but with the possibility of Sen. Edwards edging out Sen. Clinton is even more astounding. The 'air of inevitability' that has surrounded Sen. Clinton is going away but a third place finish with do away with any hint of that so-called 'inevitability'. Sen. Obama now has the momentum needed to bounce into New Hampshire and continue on into South Carolina. I haven't forgotten, in all of the talk of hope and change in the Obama campaign, that the senator is still a politician, but he is the politician I would be proud of voting for. As for the Democratic party as a whole, Sen. Obama's win is a great thing as it pushes the establishment back on its heels and severely damages the 'netroots' belief that they can make or break candidates. It also means that there are Democrats who want something new more than they want revenge against the Bush administration and the rest of the Republican party. This is history in the making, perhaps the revolution being televised. It is the first sign that the American public want a change more than more of the same. I like it.

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