Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anti-Torture Propaganda

From FDR to GWB - Andrew Sullivan

It's humbling to see such a reminder of our moral past as a nation that respects human rights. Without poster propaganda like this I don't think we could have come out of WWII as a nation with serious moral standing to go along with our military and economic might. The Vietnam War was a serious blow to that moral standing but President Reagan was able to restore some sense of right over might during his term, even if his overall platform didn't help the country economically or socially. A President Obama would, I think by virtue of him just being president, would cause many of our allies to at least give us the benefit of the doubt again while making our enemies worry that they will no longer have just a white elitist U.S. to contend with but one that gives even its most downtrodden citizens a chance to wield the power of the presidency. Even if you remove everything that makes him physically and culturally significant in this race you still have a man who acts with cool reserve and calculated responses. As he has often said, Sen. Obama would use the full array of tool at our disposal on the foreign policy front, with military options available as well. He's not a President Clinton who was afraid to commit troops or a President Bush who was all too willing. Instead, Sen. Obama is a person who would see both the strategic picture and the the tactical implications of his policies. Moreover, a President Obama would end the ridiculous, Kafkaesque attitude the current administration holds on 'enemy combatants.' Both as a Senator and as a law professor, Sen. Obama is a believer of the rule of law and would, I think, commit his administration to upholding that. You can tell, if campaigns are any metric to judge by, that Sen. Obama would not stoop to the level of his enemies.

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