Monday, February 25, 2008

Like LBJ, Sometimes My Dick is the Answer

This post both confirms and denies my academic/nerd cred. I changed my own brakes yesterday on all four wheels. Six hours of sweating, unbolting, clamping down, plugging in, fitting, sitting, and seating. My hands still hurt and my knuckles look like I've been in a fight, which in a way I was. Not only did I save money I put higher performance brake pads on. Now I just need to find some big money for slotted rotors. What is it about taking things apart and making them better that appeals to me? I do it to my computer, to philosophical theory, to history, to just about everything. I guess it's just a character flaw in me, obsessiveness and single-mindedness. Maybe that's why I'm terrible at answering phone calls or IM's.

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