Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tattooing as a Business Expense

Taunting Touchscreen Tattoo-phone - Zoetica Ebb @ Coilhouse

This is the kind of body-mesh with technology I like to see. I see a couple of problems with it however. While they may have solved the power problem, the saving of information is something that I don't know how they will successfully achieve until large memory storage chips that are super thin are produced. Another problem is more stylistic than functional for me. I would imagine having the tattoo on the inside of your forearm would better suit the needs of the user. Perhaps they can go with a clam shell design and have flip pads on both sides. Moreover, I wonder how this would compete with designs that incorporate the phone into the eye and ear, allowing the user to see in full color and not have to speak into their arm? It's all very Transmet though, so I love it anyway.

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