Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama v. Palin: Now Taking Bets

I was wondering when someone would suggest Gov. Palin take Sen. McCain's place in Friday's debate. Personally, I say go for it. It would put Gov. Palin before the public against the candidate who took down Hilary Clinton. Sen. Obama could simply deflect any criticism that he was too harsh on Gov. Palin by saying that since she was acting in Sen. McCain's place she should have the same tough debating skills as her running mate. It plays well for Sen. Obama in a lot of ways--allowing him to zero in on Gov. Palin's inexperience and inadiquicies while using the cover that Sen. McCain is a tough debator and Sen. Obama expected the same from someone entrusted to represent Sen. McCain in a presidential debate. The right will cry sexism but that's only after Sen. Obama slices open Gov. Palin on live national television. After that kind of evisceration, I don't think any of the undecideds will have a problem voting for Sen. Obama.