Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's McArdle Smoking Tonight?

This post by McArdle is one of the reasons why I'm about to drop her out of my blog reader. It is honestly a blatantly dumb assessment of the politics behind Sen. McCain's decision to suspend his campaign. As Sen. Obama has said, when the time comes to vote, he will be there to cast his vote. Otherwise, all of the nonsense that travels with a presidential campaign shouldn't be anywhere near D.C. at this moment. Yes, the president should talk to both the candidates just to ensure there's no last minute back-stabbing. Beyond that, Sen. Obama is right to say that a president has to do more than one thing at once and again I make my point that the president has to deal with a large organization at the same time a crisis erupts. You don't get to call a fucking mulligan when you're president. So why McArdle has chosen this moment to make some half-hearted political analysis that she has little experience doing when the Atlantic has several other more experienced political bloggers is more than a little baffling. Just stick with what you know McArdle, which is economics and you know it well. That's what you're being paid for. Let others like me who are comfortable talking out of our asses handle this.