Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rusty, Violent Ghosts

Now this is the kind of out of your ass political post that I can get behind. Spencer Ackerman has spent a lot of time around political bloggers so it's hard to say that he's gone completely off the reservation here. He does specialize in foreign policy but he maintains that awareness of the political world needed to understand the ramifications of various foreign actions and how they will play with Congress and the White House. I have to say though, I'm not entirely positive that Ackerman gets it right here when he says Sen. McCain just lost the election. I do think though that Sen. McCain has put himself in a bind of his own making. And after Letterman's railing against the senator, particularly over the fact that he should have put his running mate in charge of things while he goes back to D.C. and does what he thinks needs doing, canceling Friday's debate in a possible attempt to forego a VP debate will spur a lot of finger-pointing if he does lose. It really does look like a campaign that's watching one of its wheels pass them on the highway and wondering what happens when the car stops.