Monday, January 21, 2008

First Impressions

Sen. Clinton got smacked around like a bitch. Sen. Obama's gloves are coming off and she's not going to like it.

President Bill Clinton wasn't there at all. Wonder why?

Sen. Obama gave the best answer to whether MLK would endorse any particular candidate by saying that MLK wouldn't have endorsed any one of them. Sen. Clinton side-stepped it but essentially said that MLK would have endorsed her.

Sen. Clinton was rightly booed when she accused Sen. Obama did not take responsibility for anything.

Sen. Obama had the best quip concerning the Bill/Hillary Clinton tag team when he said he didn't know who he was running against.

Sen. Edwards was a great foil for Sen. Obama, playing Devil's Advocate and challenging Sen. Obama in ways that he needed without the vitriol that would have come from Sen. Clinton.

Sen. Obama seriously hurt his chances with the Latino vote when he explicitly said that his health care plan would not include the 12 million illegal immigrants. It was the right answer though. He was also right to say that lowering health insurance costs first before enacting universal health care mandates was the most important part of fixing the health care system.
Sen. Clinton kept taking this huffy looking stance whenever Sen. Obama made a strong point against her. It was very reminiscent of VP Al Gore's sighs during his presidential debates with President Bush.

I really like that Sen. Obama is fighting back. My fear has been that Sen. Obama would stay too far above the fray and let these allegations fester.

Sen. Edwards would make an excellent running mate for Sen. Obama.

Overall I think Sen. Obama won this debate but only by a slim margin. What I think the most important thing that will come from this debate is that Sen. Obama found his debating voice. But whether this will help him is uncertain.

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