Monday, January 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton, The Anti-Ann Richards

This is the second part in my free-thought commentary on the 2008 elections, this time concerning Sen. Clinton's campaign. After watching the Iowa caucus, the New Hampshire primary and the Nevada caucus I have come to see Sen. Clinton as someone who is willing to destroy her own party in her pursuit of power. I must add though, that it is not only Sen. Clinton's doing but the doings of her husband and her campaign staff. The entire Clinton camp is willing to tear their party apart in order to win the presidency and after nearly a decade of slash-and-burn politics I cannot stand idly by and watch it happen again. For a woman in the 21st century to not only run on the coattails of her husband but to denigrate another man who has not directed his entire being toward the gaining of more power is not only sickening, it is exactly what a man like Karl Rove would have done. What we face in the Democratic primary is the choice between the continuation of the Bush presidency, both in underhanded actions and secrecy, and a new kind of president who hearkens back to the great orators who actually did bring about real change to this country. Sen. Hillary Clinton is not the president we as a country need right now for many reasons. Her tendency towards secrecy, her attitude that citizens should not have a voice, and her craven attempts to court minority voters who she will not support or work for are all marks of a bad president. They are the marks of the Bush presidency and they are the marks of President Bill Clinton's social policy (Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act were both signed by the man asking us to vote for his wife). I do not want a president who is all talk and no bite when it comes to policy but is willing to sink her own party when it comes to winning an election. I want a president who is willing to stand on their principles but find ways of compromising with the opposition and I have yet to see such actions from Sen. Clinton. Moreover, I want a president who does not take to smearing and mocking their opponents. It's a sad day when I would consider moving to another country if a president like Hillary Clinton were elected. That should only happen with Republican presidents, not Democratic ones.

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