Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Universal Expansion of Health Care Costs

Why Universality Matters - Ezra Klein

I'm a little confused by Ezra's argument over universal health care. On the one hand, he fully supports the idea that universal health care is a necessity for the American public. On the other, he notes the great potential for spiraling costs once such a plan is implemented. Now I've seen Sen. Obama take a lot of flak for proposing a system that does not emphasize mandatory health insurance but rather focuses on lowering the cost of health insurance before any plan to promote universal health care is brought forward. It seems that Ezra is implicitly supporting Sen. Obama's health care plan and subtly hinting that Sen. Clinton or Sen. Edwards' plans do not account for the possibility of massive cost increases once universality is achieved. It's possible that I'm misreading this but that's the conclusion I've arrived at.

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