Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time Makes Fools of Us All

Al Gore's Journey - James Kirchick @ The New Republic

Now, I understand that James Kirchick is himself gay, but he has traditionally taken a neo-con-tinged view of things, much to my annoyance. Yet, here we have Kirchick noting how Al Gore has quietly changed his views on homosexuality from that of a senator believing homosexuality was unusual and not a normative value he supported during the 1980s to today's position supporting gay marriage. This isn't a hit piece that you'd might expect from someone like Kirchick. Instead, he takes a tactful, nuanced view that perhaps Gore, over a long period of time, has had a change of heart. It's actually a well-written blog post on how a politician's change in stance can come from a genuine change in belief. I hope Kirchick has it in him to continue writing pieces like this.

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