Monday, May 05, 2008

Constant Change

The Meaning of Obama - Andrew Sullivan
What The Old Farts Don't Get - Andrew Sullivan

I think I would have to side with the Gen-Yer who says that opting out of politics if Sen. Obama doesn't get the nomination is the smart thing to do. I say that because the kind of politics in practice now cannot sustain itself without a new generation to carry things on. If my generation simply says no to that then the older generations will either have to change or suffer a long and agonizing death. To opt out now is not to opt out permanently. To opt out now is to say that I am not willing to participate in a politics that does nothing but destroy. It is to say an eternal No in the Nietzschean sense.
The thing is, now that Sen. Obama has energized the younger generation of voters by appealing to the best in them, that's what they will begin to expect from their politicians. And when those politicans inevitably fail, these younger generations will look for solutions elsewhere. If conservativism was ever to see the rise of a self-sustaining, non-government oriented generation of voters then this is the time. It all depends on if the old politics prevails over the new politics. You'll have a few generations of voters who are pissed and willing to do something about it. We are willing to act, in other words. Whether it's protesting (and I mean real protest, not culturally-accepted protest), organizing new parties or proffering their own candidates of change, these new generations will prevail because time favors us for the moment. The boomers are a dying breed and so is their politics. Unless the boomers accept the inevitability of change then they lessen their voice in the future until they become silent in the face of our generations. And the same will happen to us with time. It's just the way things work is all.

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