Friday, May 09, 2008

The Paintings are Waiting

Art Transforms Depending on Time of Day - Trend Hunter

Artists Drzach and Suchy have come up with a new art instillation that involves paintings that change under different lighting conditions. While this is a relatively easy feat using different colors as the U.S. military does to test for color blindness, it does go beyond the mere scratch-and-sniff variety of color-changing art. First, the change in image relies on changes in natural lighting. Second, the paintings are in grayscale with a base-backing of white.
It's a perceptual change also. What was once an image of Marilyn Monroe will transform into one of Marilyn Manson. The paintings shown here are obviously from Psycho's famous bathroom killing. By showing how different light can produce a different image, the artists are playing on the properties of light and materials. Naturally this leads to a discussion on the reality of color and whether it is a real property of the object or a subjective experience of the viewer. Color-blind people might see a different image or no image at all while the small percentage of the population (primarily women) who have an extra color rod in their eyes might see something else. And I won't even go into what synethesists might see. Such complex philosophical questions posed by such a simple painting process. This I like.

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