Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adventures in Stupidity

Why is the TSA taking out nipple rings and pantsing amputees? - Cory Doctorow @ BoingBoing

Oh, this is a great way to improve your agency's image. I can't imagine what kind of hell would go down if the TSA tried this on my dad. I figure tasers will enter the picture at some point. And of course, the rest of the family would learn how much handcuffs hurt as we're escorted to undisclosed locations.
On the other hand, it's astoundingly stupid of the TSA to act this way. I'm rather sure the Americans with Disabilities Act will end up pantsing the TSA in court. Can you just picture the number of organizations ready to pounce on the TSA for something like this? It'll be a flurry of legal briefs and supoenas. Oh, what fun the righteous lawyers at the ACLU will have.