Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rose-Colored Glasses

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Stumbled across this band about a month ago during an audio dive. I was inundated with music so I didn't give them much attention, but their song "Beyond Blue" kept popping up in the shuffler on Winamp. It's stuck in my head now. Such a haunting tune with a wonderful back-and-forth play between the male and female vocals, simple piano and guitar rhythm, deep rumbling drums and a ghostly trumpet in the background that ties it all together.
Apparently the band is more of a collaborative effort by members of several other bands spread across the Atlantic consisting of Toy Fight, Orouni, Mina Tindle, John Hale and Henry Sparrow. Like the Postal Service, the members of the Limes trade recordings between each other and add their own touches to them; only with a group this size it's rather amazing they can complete song of such beauty. I have yet to find any physical release and hope that one does exist if anyone can find it. As it is, I have a small, three-song sample and will continue to hunt for tracks. Wonderful to listen to on a sleepy morning.

The Limes