Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fuck the Vette

Robert Novak, Sociopath - Matt Yglesias

Apparently op-ed columnist Robert Novak hit a pedestrian while driving in his Corvette in D.C. today. Yglesias properly takes Novak to task about this but flubs it in the end by criticizing the media for using the term 'aggressive' driver in describing Novak's driving style. I'm an aggressive driver, or 'spirited' in tuner speak, and I have yet to hit a pedestrian because I follow an essential rule whenever you drive aggressively--the harder you drive the more you have to pay attention. Call it defensive aggressiveness if you will, but since rarely is anyone looking out for you on the road (be it pedestrian, biker, baby carriage) you have to look out for them.
Of course, I also have another problem with Yglesias' post; it's the sort of thing only a lover of cars would appreciate though. Why didn't Yglesias point out the fact that Novak was driving a Corvette of all things? I'm mean, really, that's just criminal. You don't let a man like Novak get a pass on driving an over-priced, poor-performing cock on wheels. Had Novak been in an actual supercar versus his fakery I could argue in his favor. As it is, Novak deserves whatever fine he gets (despite the fact that he should serve at least a few hundred hours of community service).
Still, as much as I like seeing Novak being dissed by the fuzz, I really didn't want to read another article by someone who apparently looks at all cars with a degree of disgust. Is this 'war on cars' ever going to end or does Yglesias want all drivers to swear fealty to the gods of bipeds and bicycles? Novak fucked up and I doubt even if he had killed the poor fellow on foot would Novak feel any sympathy--that is what you get with someone willing to buy a fucking Corvette after all. But all this does is give the pro-bipeds another soap-box to stand on and rail against cars. I just really don't want to hear about it for a while. When the biped crowd comes to their senses and start advocating real change to driving laws, which would include talking to drivers, then I'll take them seriously. Otherwise, their righteousness is just a lot of hot air and doesn't do anything to prevent things like this from happening again. Get off your soap box and start doing something about the problem. Christ, for someone as smart as Yglesias you'd think he'd get that part.