Thursday, July 24, 2008

Break into your room at night and wreck up the place!

The "Hang On" Outlet Reminds You To Unplug Your Gadgets - Sean Fallon @ Gizmodo
A bit of the 'ole in and out... - Anthony James @ Yanko Design

I have to say, this is an elegant solution to a problem most people are unaware of. I'm not like most people though, and try my best to minimize my electric impact when I'm not around to use such items. The problem most people are unaware of is the continuous power usage by devices they may believe are turned off but are merely in a stand-by state. DVD players, TVs, cellphone and camera chargers and even stereos typically switch to a low-power stand-by state when you press the off button. The only way to completely cut the power usage of these devices is to unplug them.
This is where the biggest obstacle comes in--how do you set up your plugs in a way that makes unplugging them easy and eventually habitual? Power strips are convenient enough, although figuring out with devices to assign to that power strip is bit of a logic problem. So Paulo Oh has designed an ingenious solution to the problem. It's not in production and even if it was, I'm not sure whether you would need an electrician's help or not? Still, it is a product with excellent potential. At the very least, I hope it raises public awareness to the energy drain the stand-by function of most electronic devices causes. If you can swap your light bulbs for CFLs then you can unplug your DVD player when you're not using it.