Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Firebadger is set to Stun

Firefox grabs bigger slice of browser pie - Egan Orion @ L'Inq

I've used Firefox for years now; since it's days in pre 1.0 release. The slow conversion of the rest of my family was successful. And I tout the benefits of Firefox whenever I can. It's simply the better browser at the moment. More to the point, the decline of IE users means websites (at least the good ones) have started using open standards in the coding of their sites. Even though I still use WindowsXP for my OS, I try to use as many open source apps as I can find. Not because I believe in the big bad of Microsoft anymore, but because keeping the code open for people to review and change at will means bugs and security problems tend to get fixed much faster than in closed source systems. Now if only game makers would recognize the need to make their games portable to Linux then I wouldn't have a need for Windows at all.