Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Gentleman's Attire

"Starch Makes the Gentleman...": Beau Brummell - Nadya Lev @ Coilhouse

I suppose the most accurate comparison to the dandy of the Victorian Age is the metrosexual of ours. Fashionable men dressed in elegant clothing with the occasional excess is the most common form seen. What Brummell did was take that excess to an extreme for the dandy. Lev's article points to a contemporary example of such excess of the dandy form complete with serious corset usage and high collars. It's not my taste really, but I do love seeing this kind of brilliance in men's fashion make a return. I doubt you'll see many men actually dressed like this, in the same way that you won't see many of the original dressed designed for runway models worn by everyday women. Even so, the derivatives are what's important. Elements of the dandy will find their way into men's fashion over a period of time with certain looks becoming the standard. I don't think people appreciate what a true gentleman has to do in order to maintain a well-groomed appearance without looking over the top.