Saturday, July 05, 2008

Reality Torpedoes - Updated

The Difference - Matt Yglesias

I didn't want to read another Charles Krauthammer op-ed on Sen. Obama's supposed cynicism, I really didn't. I feel quite cheated afterwards, as I've said before. And the fact that Krauthammer is shocked, shocked I tell you, at a politician repositioning themselves for an election is depressingly hilarious. John Scalzi gets it. I get it. Obviously Yglesias gets it. Why can't Krauthammer get it? Is it because Sen. Obama is black or because Sen. Obama is a Democrat? Or is it because Sen. Obama does not dogmatically follow an agenda, damn the reality torpedoes. These attempts to hang the sign of 'flipflopper' on Sen. Obama don't really work when throwing everything at him at once. You end up with a confused, contradictory attack. Krauthammer wants a continued presence in Iraq so shouldn't he hail Sen. Obama's flipflopping?

It seems Andrew Sullivan has joined the growing chorus of people tired of Krauthammer's meanderings on Sen. Obama's shifts since he became the presumptive Democratic nominee. It isn't hard to get both that Sen. Obama is a politician and a change in tactics is not a change in strategy.