Friday, August 01, 2008

Blow-Out At 70mph

Let me see if I've gotten this straight: Sen. Obama offers a tip I hear on "Car Talk with Click and Clack" all the time to make sure your tires are properly inflated. And every day I see cars with tires that look a touch flat thinking, "Run down to the gas station, pop a few quarters in the air pump machine and save money overall on gas and tire wear." It's the simplest thing you can do to lessen the hurt gas prices are putting on us. Hell, there are specialty shops that offer to swap out the normal air in your tires with nitrogen gas. Apparently using nitrogen gas versus normal air offers significant benefits to tire wear and less maintenance as the nitrogen slips out of the tires at a far slower rate compared to normal air. And the Republican radio talk hosts are bitching about this? When mountains of data and a consensus running from the most expert auto maker to the guy who runs a little auto repair shop says keeping tire pressure at its normal level is good then I think I'll take their advice. But oh no, that's not good enough for the likes of Rush Limbaugh if the advice comes out of the mouth of Sen. Obama. It's all a liberal trick then, keeping your tires inflated properly.
How about this then? If you consider yourself a Republican let some air out of your tires. Actually, let a lot of air out. I mean, if the idea of maintaining proper tire pressure is nothing but liberal propaganda then you obviously shouldn't do it. Keep those tires low and squishy my Republican brethren. Fight back against that liberal propaganda!