Friday, August 01, 2008

The Quickest Route to Rebellion

I read about the DHS policy of indefinitely detaining one's laptop while going through airport security yesterday on another site I can't remember now. Plus, I was under the impression that the policy focused only on laptops but apparently it covers all sorts of data retention devices such as iPods, cell phones, PDAs, books, files and generally just about anything that one can write on or has written on. First, a little bit of snark as this policy does nothing to make me feel any safer. They should detain your brain if it's really that much of a concern and that's a whole other set of problems right there. Second, when is the DHS and TSA going to wise up to the fact that their policies do not actually help alieviate the problem of terrorists potentially entering the country. It only inconveniences regular people and causes said people to distrust the government even more. And I don't think the public can take much more distrust before they start reacting en masse.