Friday, August 01, 2008

One Day Fox News Will Burn By Lies

My father wanted to goad me into an argument over the campaign by claiming Sen. McCain was coming up in the polls and trouncing Sen. Obama in several toss-up states. Naturally I went immediately to and started rattling off trendlines both nationally and state by state. But this post by Nate Silver shows just how much Sen. Obama is gaining over Sen. McCain, even in states once deep red. Sen. McCain's own home state of Arizona has become a battleground state.
This is becoming a problem for Sen. McCain as each state he could previously count on shifts even a little towards Sen. Obama means another state Sen. McCain has to defend. Meanwhile, most of the states expected to fall behind Sen. Obama have with little movement towards Sen. McCain. At this point, according to Pollster's electorial vote map, even if Sen. McCain were to win the assured votes along with the toss ups he would still lose to Sen. Obama. This is why my father needs to stop watching Fox News.