Saturday, August 02, 2008

Taking the Lead Pipe to the Alpha Male

I do so love it when Yglesias and Ackerman run tag team posts. It's as if Matt takes you out at the knees and then Spencer walks in with the lead pipe and you know nothing good is about to happen. The whole idea of Sen. McCain being the jock who surrounds himself with a nerd crowd desperately seeking attention from the popular guy is a brilliant play by Yglesias. It turns Sen. McCain's aggressiveness into a sort of cult of personality in miniature. And then Ackerman comes by with the lead pipe across the skull by saying, "In Brooklyn, we call these people bitches." It's the alpha male leading a pack of boys who wish they were as 'tough' and 'strong' as Sen. McCain.
Personally, I can't stand alpha male confrontations. I just won't put up with them. It's a whole leveling of the eyes and clearly stating your point unequivocally. Most of the male customers who come in the store with this attitude don't get far with me. And they really don't like it when I tell them this is the way it is and give them the option of walking out. It's actually fun at that point since the alpha male gets all pouty and sulks away. Really though, I can do without it. Hence my dislike for Sen. McCain, even in his so-called maverick days. He comes off as someone who pouts when he doesn't get his way. To me that's a sign of personal weakness an alpha male like Sen. McCain tries to cover up with a gruff attitude. Sorry, I was born in Texas and I know real alpha males when I see them. Sen. McCain ain't one of them.